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Copper Metallic Gutter

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Posted by Matt Talbert on 11/1/2013


Hey ya’ll, today I’ll keep it short and sweet. I’d like to go over a couple of styles of rain gutter that can give your home a really unique look. They are known in the industry as copper metallic gutter (also known as copper penny) and designer copper gutter.

Despite the use of the word “copper” in the title of both, neither are made from this expensive (albeit beautiful) material. They’re made from aluminum just like your standard aluminum gutters. The difference is in the finish, copper metallic has a shiny coppery hue covered with a clear coat which gives it it’s shiny appearance. Designer copper has the same copper color but is then flecked with an additional bronze coating that is meant to give it a weathered look.

While neither look exactly like the real deal they do have unique qualities that can add a dramatic look to your home. Both styles are seamless just like normal seamless gutters and install exactly the same way. The material cost is a bit pricier than your standard colors so you will see an increase in cost but it is nowhere near the cost of real copper.


Here’s an example of copper metallic on a home that has cedar siding. The color of the gutter blends very well in this application but can also be used to great effect in a two tone application if your home has painted soffit and fascia.

Unfortunately I don’t have an example to show you of designer copper. I had some pictures in my camera but unfortunately they aren’t there anymore…..not sure what happened but I’ll be sure and post them once I find ’em.

Anyways, in closing if you want to give your home a great unique look but don’t have the cash for copper these are a couple of examples of some alternative routes you can go down to stand out from your neighbors.

See ya’ll next time,


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