6 Facts You Didn’t Know About Aluminum Gutters

One of the most common gutter materials used across homes and commercial buildings is aluminum. Most consumers know that aluminum is corrosion resistant and holds up well when it comes to protecting a home. However, there are some other interesting facts out there that make aluminum gutters an even more appealing option when installing a new gutter system.

Let’s take a look at some of our personal favorite aluminum gutter factoids.

  1. Not Just Strong, but Lightweight

Strength and heft usually go hand-in-hand. However, you definitely don’t want a very heavy piece of material hanging off the edge of your roof. Fortunately, aluminum gutter systems are naturally lightweight and can go years without showing signs of sagging or necessary repairs.

  1. Aluminum Gutters Won’t Rust

Aluminum oxide, the makeup of aluminum products, bonds aluminum and oxygen together with such strength that their molecular structure changes and they become chemically inert.

This is the reason why aluminum gutters are water-resistant and won’t easily succumb to the problem of corrosion.

  1. Aluminum Gutters Simply Hold More Water

Since aluminum is so durable, these types of gutters are able to withstand more water than other types of materials. This is great for Texas homeowners because our weather is so unpredictable. 

A single heavy downpour could be the start of larger foundation problems if your gutters can’t handle the water intake. With aluminum gutters protecting your home, you can rest easy knowing that no matter the amount of rain, the water easily flows through your system and off of your property.

  1. Easy Installation

Steel and copper gutters could easily damage your home during a gutter replacement or installation; making the process tedious and more time-consuming. However, since aluminum is so pliable and lightweight, no matter the shape of your home, a gutter installation service can be quick and literally seamless.

Easier installation means quicker protection for your home. So, we recommend always working with aluminum gutters in order to have the job completed efficiently the first time around.

  1. Affordable and Stylistic

If you’re on a budget but still want your property’s gutter system to look great, aluminum gutters are the way to go. While they are slightly more expensive than the vinyl option, they’re simply the stronger option and worth more bang for your buck.

Aside from the savings, aluminum can be manufactured in an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors. So, no matter what your home’s aesthetic is, we guarantee that you can find affordable gutters that help improve the beauty of your property.

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