Common Summer Gutter Problems Homeowners Should Prepare For

Plastic guard over gutter failure on a roof with leaves stuck in the mesh

Summer is on the rise and many Dallas residents may be confronted with several annoyances involving their gutters. While it may seem easy to just let summer gutter problems go, failing to protect your gutters from seasonal issues could result in structural disaster for your home.

If you are a homeowner that’s ready to take your gutter health seriously this summer, here is a look at some of the most common gutter issues that could ruin your fun in the sun.

Summer Dwellers

Summer is a time where everyone wants to find comfort. Unfortunately, many rodents, amphibians, and insects use the fallen leaves and moisture in your gutters as a great place to find shade and relax throughout the season.

Outdoor house guests can become a real problem, so make sure that your gutters are regularly inspected and cleared out of any squatters on your property.

Mold Threats

Debris and moisture that are left to rot in your gutter will eventually create a mold problem. The issue here is that mold quickly spreads.

Your gutter system is most likely in direct contact with your roof. So, if a mold infestation occurs, it won’t be long until your roof, attic, and interiors of your home become a constant threat of mold exposure within your home.

Visible Damage After Spring

Spring in Texas typically brings torrential rains that can do a number on the integrity of your gutters. By the times summer rolls around some gutters may be so water damaged that they will already have started to show signs of damage that include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Sagging gutters
  • Leaks
  • Gutters that have physically pulled away from the house

Dry Leaves

Dry leaves that fall in the summer may seem like a harmless effect on your property. However, not only can dried leaves clog up your gutters when it does rain, but they pose a specific hazard for your home during a summer storm.

Dry leaves are a massive fire hazard when combined with the metal that your gutters are made out of. Lightning can easily strike your gutters and start a deadly fire if your system is full of dry leaves and debris.

What Can You Do to Resolve Gutter Problems?

Sometimes a problem becomes so far gone that the only option for having effective gutters is tearing out your damaged equipment and installing a new gutter system that works perfectly and increases your curb appeal.

The team at Talbert Gutters can help you find the right gutter solutions for your home and pride ourselves in our ability to make any house that we install gutters on look beautiful once our job is done.

Leaf Guards

If your gutters are functional but clearing them out has become a never ending chore, let our leaf guard installation services help make your life easier. The high-quality Leaf Blaster Pro Leaf Guards and E-Z Lock Gutter Guards help prevent summer gutter problems before they start.

Get proactive with your gutters now through services from Talbert Gutters.

Keep Your Gutters Functionally Fresh with Talbert Gutters

If you know that your home is wide open to the gutter dangers we’ve discussed, the gutter experts at Talbert Gutters are ready to help! Through our professional gutter repairs, installations, and leaf guard opportunities, we can help ensure that your gutter continues to protect your home.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your Dallas gutter inspection!

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