Gutter Wedges

Talbert Gutters installs gutter wedges as part of our comprehensive suite of gutter system products. You may find that your gutter system would benefit from the addition of gutter wedges, which allow your which allow your gutter installation crew to complete the installation without impacting any roofing materials.

Talbert Gutters has more than ten years of experience installing gutter systems on homes and businesses across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. We are confident that we can design your comprehensive gutter system that includes gutter wedges, as well as any necessary gutter guards and other gutter accessories.

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Gutter wedge installation today ensures that your home or business and your bank account are protected tomorrow.

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What is a Gutter Wedge?


Homes are often quite different from one another as far as their rooflines and architecture are concerned, and a gutter wedge can help you when your home needs a creative solution for gutter installation.

A gutter wedge allows you to attach gutters to the house when the fascia boards are pitched or slanted and when your fascia has a 1×2 trim just beneath the shingles. 

Utilizing gutter wedges in these instances is necessary to prevent sagging and increase the stability of your gutter system.

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What are the Benefits of Gutter Wedges?

One of the benefits of gutter wedges and gutter guards in your gutter installation plan is that they increase gutter stability and help with reducing the overall amount of time you must spend cleaning your gutters over time. In addition, gutter system accessories can increase the overall life span of your gutter system, which can reduce the maintenance and upkeep costs of your home or business.

A modern gutter system is a must for your home or business, whether you live in a rainforest, a desert, or something in-between like Dallas-Fort Worth. 

It doesn’t rain every day, and it’s not always windy, but homes and businesses in Dallas do benefit from fully functional and professionally installed gutter systems with gutter wedges.

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I’m a big fan of Talbert Gutters. Family owned business, flawless workmanship, prompt, fast and AFFORDABLE and with all of this hail lately, it’s comforting to know that they are local and stand by their work, unlike the horror stories I hear about “Chucks in trucks” who come from out of town after a damaging storm, slap a sticker on their truck and promptly skip town after performing sub par work (pending they even complete the job of course). II wouldn’t hesitate putting them on the job!

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Does My Home Need Gutter Wedges?

Our experience in designing gutter systems “from the roof down” means that we can help you figure out whether gutter wedges are required for your home or business or whether your gutter installation may proceed in a less complicated fashion.

Structures that have slanted or 1×2 fascia will always require gutter wedges to prevent sagging, however some homes are not compatible with wedges and require roof straps. Some examples of these are homes with open rafters and those with an extremely slanted fascia in which case the gutter wedge can’t reach the fascia or rafter tail to properly support the gutter.

Open rafters are a common occurrence in older homes as well as “crown moulding” style fascia trim. Fortunately, features like gutter wedges exist so that anyone with an older home can get their gutters installed without having to make major changes or updates to the house. Gutter wedges are even an ideal solution for newer homes that weren’t designed with gutters in mind or where architectural decisions made it difficult to install a traditional gutter system.


Gutter Wedges Installed by Talbert Gutters

Your gutters are an essential part of your home, and it’s important to install the most effective system for your home. You may require gutter wedges with your new gutter system for it to function properly, and we can help you install gutters that blend and function seamlessly with your home.

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