How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

The age-old question of how often a homeowner should clean their gutters is one that gutter professionals are constantly answering during gutter installation or replacement services.

Well, the gutter experts at Talbert Gutters are here to help settle the score once and for all. After reading this article, you’ll never have to wonder when, how often or why you need to clean your gutters!

When Are the Prime Months for Gutter Cleaning?

To answer the initial question, the best approach for a healthy gutter system is two thorough cleanings a year. The two times you must absolutely clean your gutters are towards the end of spring and around the middle of fall. 

However, if you live in an area where Pine trees or other trees that constantly shed foliage, you may have to implement some gutter cleaning tips at least every 3 months.

What Happens if You Neglect Your Gutters?

Neglecting your gutter system’s well-being can be a massive detriment to your home that can result in premature gutter replacement and other even more devastating damages. Your gutter system does a lot for your home’s total protection, so it’s best to treat it with some TLC when necessary.

Pest Infestations

When your gutters are left to gather up leaves, branches and other debris that critters like rats and squirrels like to call home, your property is at risk of a debilitating infestation. 

Once rodents have made themselves comfortable on your property, they can easily start chewing through your roofing system and nestling a new home for themselves in your attic and within the walls of your home.

These infestations are usually a nuisance at the most, but can sometimes result in property damage and house fires after they’ve chewed through your electrical system.

Stop rodents at the source and get your gutters clean!

Gutter System and Roof Damage

Your gutters should always be firmly attached to your roof system’s fascia. However, if you fail to regularly clean your gutters, they can become top-heavy and begin to break away from your home.

When this happens your gutters rip and damage your roof. Even if breakage doesn’t happen, overflowing gutters can lead to pools of water that seep into your roofing system and cause permanent damage.

While a few hours a year may seem like a tedious cleaning task we promise it’s a lot less stressful than a roof replacement.

Signs That You Need to Clean Your Gutters

If you notice any of these issues around your gutter system, it’s time to start cleaning before your gutter system or property faces any permanent damage:

  • Dripping gutters
  • Gutters that don’t drain
  • Pools of water in your driveway or on your lawn

Need a Gutter Repair or Replacement? Talbert Gutters Can Help!

If this article has caught you a little too late and your gutters are displaying signs of sagging or other red flags that replacement is necessary, Talbert Gutters is ready to help.

We are Dallas’s gutter professionals and can ensure that your gutter repair or replacement is carried out with quality workmanship and ends with a beautiful, functional gutter system.

Contact us today to schedule our services or to learn more about our product availability.

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