Man Cleaning Out & Maintaining Gutters

How to Maintain Your Gutters This Summer

This summer is bound to be a hot reprieve from the rainy spring that Texas recently experienced. While the weather is dry, now is the perfect time to safely scale your home and perform essential gutter maintenance

Here are some of the ways you can ensure your gutter system doesn’t clog up and cause any roof or foundation problems whenever the next storm rolls around.

Plan a Weekend to Clean Out Your Gutters

Your gutters really only need to have a deep cleaning once or twice a year. So, make sure you make your summer cleaning count. Inspect your gutters for masses of clutter like leaves and twigs that may have blown in over the spring. 

You’ll want to immediately clear your gutters out, because they are the leading cause of:

  • Rodent infestations
  • Roof damage
  • Siding damage 
  • Foundation problems

Inspect for Holes and Leaks

Your gutters are directly exposed to the elements. So, over time, leaks, holes and related damage are bound to become an issue. Even a hairline leak can cause your gutters to work ineffectively. 

Your gutters are meant to lead water away from your home. So, if random leaks and holes start to pop up, water will drain out from the wrong areas and potentially cause damage to your property and landscaping.

Most leaks take place at the elbows of your gutter; an easy fix for a professional gutter maintenance team.

Clear Out Your Downspouts

One of the easiest issues to miss during a DIY gutter cleaning is your downspouts. These areas where your water actually runs out can easily clog up with dirt and leaves. While you may have cleared out the initial exit to your downspout, its interior may still be pretty clogged.

If you check your downspouts and find that the insides are all backed up, a watering hose with a pressured nozzle should help you clear out any clogs and get you gutters flowing like new.

Install Gutter Guards

You want to make sure that your gutters only let water flow through their system. If build up continually occurs, you may find yourself spending more time than necessary preventing gutter problems.

Gutter guards are products that help homeowners save time cleaning while preserving the integrity of their gutters. Talbert Gutters is proud to have a partnership with some of the leading brands of gutter guards that prevent leaf clogs and other pesky gutter problems.

Gutter guard installations through Talbert Gutters is simple and can quickly help protect your gutters from falling leaves and blown in debris.

Schedule Gutter Replacements if Necessary

If your gutters are older, sagging, or have completely torn away from your roof’s awning, it’s not time for maintenance, it’s time for a total replacement.

The gutter replacement technicians at Talbert Gutters can easily help you find an affordable, beautiful replacement that helps prevent the dangers of a low functioning or failed gutter system.

Keep Your Gutters in Shape with Talbert Gutters

If your gutter needs go beyond the standard cleaning and professional help is needed, reach out to the gutter pros at Talbert Gutters. Not only can we help repair any gutter damage, but we can also replace and reinforce your gutters in order to maximize your system’s efficiency.
Contact us today to learn more about our services and reliable gutter products.

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