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Leaf Guards

We offer professional installation of leaf guards by respected companies like LeafBlaster Pro and E-Z Lock for your Dallas home or business.

Today’s advanced gutter systems often feature leaf guards that help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your gutters in harsh weather and during the fall when debris from your roof can fill your gutters and create drainage problems.
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Leaf Guards installation today ensures that your home or business – and your bank account – are protected tomorrow.

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How Do Leaf Guards Help My Gutter System?

Your gutters help divert water away from your home and its foundation, but those gutters can’t perform correctly if they’re filled with debris. Leaf guards help keep out leaves and grit from your roofing shingles. You can also keep out pests with leaf guards, as well as prevent pine needles from filling the gutters when you use leaf guards.
If your home or business is surrounded by beautiful trees, there’s a good chance those trees drop leaves or needles every fall. When you combine that debris with the inevitable grit that comes off your roof each year, you may end up with gutters that are completely filled and unable to function.

You may need to replace your roof at some point, and you may notice that the last few years of your roof’s life span feature an abundance of debris from the asphalt shingles on your roof. 

Rather than replacing your roof prematurely, your gutter guards can help you squeeze just a few more years of use out of your roof by reducing the impact of roof grit.

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Leaf Blaster Pro Leaf Guards from Talbert Gutters

Talbert Gutters installs high-quality gutter products, and we trust LeafBlaster Pro as one of the nation’s most-trusted brands. Leaf guards from LeafBlaster Pro feature a 40-year warranty with a long-lasting 100 percent stainless steel mesh that fits any gutter-to-roof scenario.

One of the benefits of leaf guards from LeafBlaster Pro is their Z-bend technology, which helps debris lift off the mesh and blow off naturally. Eliminating debris from the gutters helps improve water flow and ensures your gutters are able to perform their essential role in keeping your home free of moisture and water damage.

LeafBlaster Pro leaf guards are always recommended when evergreen trees are present or when roof grit is an issue.
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I was interested in having leaf guards installed over my gutters and a neighbor referred Talbert Gutters. Matt responded promptly to my phone call and scheduled a time to come out and visit with me that worked for my schedule. He was professional and knowledgeable about the product and the price was reasonable. I totally recommend Talbert Gutters, Matt was the best.

Patricia H.
Hunter's Bend

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Talbert Gutters Installs E-Z Lock Gutter Guard Products

If your home or business resides in an area where deciduous trees and high water flow scenarios are present, your gutter system needs protection E-Z Lock gutter screens.
Under the described conditions, we always recommend small hole E-Z Lock Gutter guards to keep even the smallest of debris from cluttering up your gutter system. E-Z Lock is a company with more than 30 years of expertise in gutter guard design and manufacture, and Talbert Gutters trusts their professional gutter guards for their impeccable engineering and gutter protection.


Let Talbert Gutters Design a Gutter System for You

Are you thinking about adding leaf guards or gutter guards to your home or business? 

Let us help you design the ideal gutter system that will feature only the best in gutter technology, as well as the gutter guards from E-Z Lock and LeafBlaster Pro that can enhance the functionality and life span of your gutters.

Contact us today for a quote on your gutter system, as well as for more information on our professional gutter guard installation services.

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