Simple Holiday Gutter Cleaning Tips

The holidays are just around the corner and many people are concerned about getting their homes ready for the droves of family and friends stopping in to celebrate.

While company is great to prepare for, homeowners should also be getting their gutters cleaned out and winterized before the true cold snaps come through

Before you start installing your gutter guards for the winter, make sure to follow our quick and easy holiday gutter cleaning tips.

Why Clean Your Gutters Now?

Winter brings showers, hail, and sometimes snow. All of which can exacerbate uncleaned clogs in a gutter system. 

When bad weather and clogged gutters unite, they can lead to premature gutter replacement, roof damage, and expensive foundation repairs.

4 Simple Holiday Gutter Cleaning TIps

Never Use Your Hands

The mess in your gutters is, unfortunately, more than just leaves you can easily pick out with your hands. Over time the debris in your gutters congeals and makes hand-picking an ineffective way to clean your gutters.

We recommend using a plastic scoop to ensure that your cleaning process is both accurate and as mess-free as possible.

Always Bag Your Gutter Debris

When cleaning your gutters, keep in mind that if what you’re cleaning out isn’t something you want in your gutter system, it’s likely not something you want on your lawn.

Even though leaves and dirt are organic pieces of nature, the truth is, that when they become the sludge that forms in a gutter, these resources lose any usefulness to your landscape.

Don’t let sludge suffocate and kill off areas of your lawn this winter. Always bag your gutter debris in a garbage bag and promptly throw it away when the job is complete.

Don’t Just Scoop, But Flush Out Your Gutters

Scooping out the debris from your gutters is status quo, but we say go a step beyond and fully flush them out. Not only will this get rid of any small bits of debris you couldn’t reach, but it will also expose any issues like leaks or gaps in your system.

Make Replacements Where Necessary

If you flush out your gutters and find leaks in the system; or during your cleaning process you discover areas that sag or are completely detached from your home, it’s time to consider gutter replacements and repairs.

A company like Talbert Gutters can come to your home and help you determine the most effective and beautiful options for your home’s gutter system. Trust us when we tell you that going into winter with damaged gutters could be disastrous for your roof system and general home safety.

Keep The Holidays Stress-Free, With Talbert Gutters

If you’ve performed gutter maintenance and found that your gutters require a little more help than you can provide, let Talbert Gutters be of assistance.

Our team of gutters professionals can install and replace full gutter systems on your property, as well as help you find the right leaf guards and gutter wedges you’ll need for long-term gutter health.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule your gutter installation.

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