Tips for Decorating Around Gutters During Major Holidays

While it may seem early for homeowners to consider decorating for the holidays, the truth is that October is the first month of the year where major home decorating occurs. 

While many homeowners will opt to place large lawn decorations or signage, there will always be that owner who wants to create a light show extravaganza that impresses anyone that passes by. 

Before trick or treaters and guests swing by for celebrations, make sure that you follow these safety tips when decorating around your home’s gutter system.

Always Position Your Ladder Properly

If you’re planning on hanging lights up this Halloween, make sure that you place your ladder the right way for maximum safety. Once you’ve found stable ground to set your ladder on, make sure that it’s angled to lean against the edge of your roof.

Avoid leaning your ladder directly on your gutters. The weight against your gutter system can lead to premature replacement and some pretty severe injuries if you fall.

Keep Wires Away From Your Gutter System

Hanging lights on your home is a tradition for many holiday decorations. However, the holiday season can be quite wet, so you’ll want to ensure that there are no wires running directly through your gutters.

Direct water exposure is a dangerous fire hazard that is a massive risk when it comes to the unpredictability of Texas’s weather.

Use Clips When Possible

Drilling holes directly into your gutter system to hang lights will lead to gutter damage and ultimately, replacement. Always use plastic decoating clips to hang from your gutters. Keep in mind, however, that too much weight on your gutters can lead to cracks, disconnection, and damage you may not notice until it’s too late.

If you really want to save the integrity of your gutters, plastic clips along the edge of your roof are also a great option for holiday decor.

Avoid Larger Decorations On Your Roof and Gutters

Not only can large, inflatable or solid decorations damage your roof and gutter systems, but they can also be a substantial fire risk. Holiday decorations that reach into the sky a little too high can hit power lines and create a spark that completely ruins the holiday fun.

If you plan on using large decorations, we say leave them on your lawn where they can safely complete their decorative duties.

Perfect Your Home for the Holidays With Talbert Gutters, Today!

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