Top Questions to Ask Before a Gutter Installation

A gutter installation is one of the most important projects you can schedule for your home improvement goals. Gutters protect your home from expensive and sometimes irreparable damages. 

So, when selecting a company to install or replace a gutter system, it is important to do your research and ask the right questions. Anyone with a set of tools can claim to be a gutter expert. Make sure that your potential gutter company is a professional choice by asking the following questions before agreeing to a contract with their team.

Are You Insured?

Never let an unlicensed or uninsured contractor begin any work on your property. Should something go wrong during the installation process or should an accident occur on your property, you are liable and on the hook for any damages or injuries.

A reliable contractor will already have their updated insurance information ready to show you. However, if it doesn’t come up during the initial consultation, never take a risk. Always ask to review their coverage, which should include:

  • Auto
  • Liability coverage

Do You Use a Level When You Install Gutters?

Surprisingly, not many contractors utilize levels to ensure that their jobs are completed to perfection. A properly pitched gutter guarantees functionality and longevity for your system. 

An improperly installed gutter leads to pooling, house damage and the inevitable “future fix” from a shady contractor.

At Talbert Gutters, we believe that your installation should be done right the first time. That’s why we always use a level in our jobs to guarantee your gutters drain properly.

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

Warranties are an integral part of any home improvement project on your property. So, always make sure that your gutter system is covered by a gutter service policy. If your company doesn’t have one, it’s time to continue your search.

Talbert Gutters offers a lifetime warranty that guarantees coverage for the duration of your system’s shelf life. This is typically around 30-years of coverage for the work we provide.

How Can Your Services Improve My Gutters?

Your gutters are an opportunity to improve your home’s value. A great gutter installation crew will provide you with the highest quality materials and a beautiful end result that goes with the aesthetics of your home.

At Talbert Gutters we go above and beyond to improve your gutter services by offering leaf guard and gutter wedges options that help simplify the maintenance of your gutters while still keeping them pristine for years to come.

Do You Perform Cleanup When the Job is Completed?

No matter the job, a home improvement project can leave a mess. Make sure that your gutter installation company takes full responsibility for the dust they create and completely cleans up after themselves.

The Talbert team guarantees that your home will be left looking better than it was when we arrived. So, cleanup is never an issue when it comes to hiring our contractors.

Experience Transparent Reliable Service With Talbert Gutters

If your home needs a gutter repair or installation, you can skip the lengthy interview and get straight to work with the professionals at Talbert Gutters. We are a team of Dallas gutter specialists that put service and professionalism at the forefront of any job we accept.
Get your home protected with quality, beautiful gutters from Talbert Gutters. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our installation specialists.

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