What Are the Benefits of Leaf Guards for Your Gutters?

Plastic guard over gutter on a roof to keep it free of leaves, focus in center

Your homes gutter systems may protect your home from pooling water and debris, but what protects your gutters and ensures they will have longevity? Although regular maintenance and clearing out gutters are the most common ways homeowners keep their gutters pristine, getting out the ladder and climbing up is always a large risk involved in the process.

Fortunately, Talbert Gutters offers a leaf guard installation service that keeps your gutters clean and reduces your need to climb up on the roof for cleaning.

Here’s a look at why so many of our customers request our Leaf Blaster Pro and E-Z Lock gutter guard installations during their gutter maintenance or replacement services.

Decreased Insect and Rodent Invasions

Twigs and leaves are natural habitats for most of Mother Nature’s creatures. While you do always want your surrounding wildlife to live comfortably, your gutter shouldn’t serve as a makeshift home.

Without a leaf guard on your gutter system, your gutters can easily become a habitat for squirrels, rats, and insects that will eventually get bored and work their way through your roof and into the attic.

It’s easy for one small issue like gutter build up to snowball into a larger home problem like a pest infestation. So, take some preventative measures and add a leaf guard installation to your gutter services.

Reduced Debris in Your Gutter System

If you order leaf guards, the chances are that you’re tired of clearing out the debris that builds up in your gutters. Leaves, dirt and branches are troublesome properties that can quickly accumulate in your system.

This means that during a fall season or stormy spring, you could find yourself outside, clearing the gutters at least once a month.

Leaf guards serve as a gatekeeper to your gutter’s valleys. The holes within the equipment are small enough for water to drain through, and that’s about it. Let Talbert Gutters help you keep your gutters clean and clear with our leaf guard installation services.

Leaf Guards Preserve Your Property

Clogged gutters will eventually fail if ignored; resulting in potential damage to your roof and the foundation of your home.

When your gutters are full of debris, water will eventually begin to fill up and spill over onto your roof, creating mold and water damage that will eventually spread to the rest of your roof top.

If that damage isn’t frightening enough, excess water will also begin to spill to the ground and begin to pool around your home, causing gradual and irreversible foundation damage.

Protect your home’s tomorrow with gutter protection today, from Talbert Gutters!

Save Time and Money on Leaf Guards Today From Talbert Gutters

If you’re tired of climbing up to your gutters on a regular basis to clean them, we understand! Let the gutter installation experts at Talbert Gutters help you save time and money through our specialty leaf guard installation. Our leaf guards keep your gutters clean, help them last longer, and decrease your maintenance costs!

We believe in helping you make homeownership a bit easier, and that’s why we are always prepared to help you install a new gutter system or leaf guard that keeps your home safe.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your first appointment with our technicians.

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